Anton Krugel

Creating happy cells for happy mamas and babies

Krista Maas is a Mama and founder of Nunona, a brand dedicated to the health of mothers and babies. Science has shown, that what mamas and babies eat from conception until two years of age (first 1000 days), impacts children for a lifetime. Nunona produce healthy food products for mamas and babies, to create healthier humans for a healthier planet.

Every molecule coceivable in the universe is based on the flower of life pattern that served as the foundation on which this exciting brand was build on. Simple holding shapes was used resembling building blocks such as hexagons to capture the essence of healthy mamas and babies. Modern geometric lines intertwined with healthy food tell the story of what mamaballs packaging is all about.

The modern brand created for Nunona contributed to them being awarded ‘Best Parenting Awards for Good house Keeping 2021.

Anton Krugel

Client: Nunona
Design: Creative strategy, Creative idea, Identity, Visual toolkit, Brand Applications.
Creative direction: Monthly brand review and updates